Preparation Before Painting Interiors

A number of homeowners prefer to embark on some DIY home improvement and upgrade projects on their property.  Painting isn’t a very difficult job if you plan it well, choose the right colour paints, primers and tools, follow proper techniques and complete the work methodically for a perfect finish. We at Attentive Painting & Decorating have outlined some that you can follow while painting rooms in your house:

  1. Clear the space room of all the curtains, furnishing, light fittings, electrical outlet covers, and other fixtures and features.
  2. Move all the large and bulky furniture to the centre of the room if you find it difficult to move it out of the room entirely; cover them with plastic sheets as this helps prevent it from getting splattered with any paint.
  3. Clean the space in a detailed manner and ensure there are no cobwebs, dust or any debris lying around.
  4. Wipe and clean all the walls and other surfaces that you plan to paint.
  5. Line the room’s floor’s edges with paper.
  6. Fill all small dents, tiny fissures, nail holes or any cracks with lightweight spackle.
  7. Prime all the wall surfaces using a suitable primer; you can get some advice from the hardware store as to which primer will be best-suited for the paint you are using.
  8. Tape off all light switches, timber features and the adjacent walls, etc. using masking tape to protect them from getting splattered with paint or damaged.
  9. Once you have completed all these steps your room will be ready for painting and finishing.

We at Attentive Painting & Decorating are a very reputed and experienced company that provides customised painting services for residential and commercial properties at very reasonable pricing. For a free consultation and quote, please call us on 07 3886 4533 or write to us via this online form.


Queenslander Maintenance

Queenslander properties have a very unique architecture. These sprawling houses date way back to the colonial era and are largely made of wood and iron. They are stunning buildings are typically built at a height from the ground and stand on a stilt-like structure. They have vast porches and verandas and are heritage structures that can’t be altered in any way.

Things to keep in view

While these properties are definitely an attraction point for some home and commercial property buyers, there can be certain drawbacks to purchasing a Queenslander property; maintenance being the biggest concern. Here are some pointers from the experts at Attentive Painting & Decorating  that will help you maintain your unique property in the right manner:

  • If you notice any flaking paint, do not defer attending to the problem. A delay will only cause the paint to peel off further and impact the look of the features.
  • When you are painting any portion of a Queenslander property, ensure you don’t directly add a coat of paint to the existing one. The older coat of paint would have to be carefully removed with a special paint thinner, after which you’d have to sand and prepare the surface before giving it a fresh coat of paint.
  • As part of the maintenance regimen, check all the walls and other features for presence of mould as this can affect the timber underneath permanently. Aside from this, the mould spores will spread in the indoor spaces and pose a health risk.

As you can see, maintaining a Queenslander property is no child’s play. The mould can build up, and flaky paint on walls or rust on the iron features etc. can cause your property to deteriorate. The best way to avoid all this and maintain the aesthetics and integrity of your property is to hire professionals like the ones at Attentive Painting & Decorating for the job.  We provide customised Queenslander Maintenance services at very reasonable pricing. For a free consultation and quote, please call us on 07 3886 4533 or write to us via this online form.

Professional Painting vs. DIY Painting

Many people like to turn home painting into a weekend DIY activity. Today, there are a number of online tutorials and videos you can read and watch to learn how house painting should be done. You will also be able to find a lot of information online about the different types of paint that are available and which tools and materials you should use etc.

There are a number of benefits to DIY painting such as:

  • The cost of the project reduces significantly as you save on labour charges.
  • If you have some specific ideas about how the textures and finishes should be, you can try them out yourself; this provides you creative control rather than relying on the skills of a painter.
  • You can complete the work at your convenience and when you have the time in stages.

Why hire professionals like the ones at Attentive Painting & Decorating?

While there are some tangible benefits to a DIY paint job, there are some undeniable benefits to getting the work done from professionals such as:

  • Provide expert advice on the types of paints, textures and finishes and this helps you make a more well-informed decision
  • Since they are experienced, they will handle the job expertly and can paint all types of surfaces.
  • The job will be completed methodically and within a stipulated timeframe.
  • They will ensure that the best materials and workmanship are used and this guarantees a fantastic finish.
  • They will make sure that non-toxic, lead-free paints are used and that the work is completed safely; so there is no damage to the property and no impact on the health of your family.

We at Attentive Painting & Decorating are a reputed and experienced company that provides customised residential and commercial painting services at very reasonable cost. For a free consultation and quote, please call us on 07 3886 4533 or write to us via this online form.


Preparation Before Painting Interiors


Many homeowners like to carry out DIY painting projects on their property and if you go about it methodically, you would be able to complete the work efficiently and in a timely manner without too much of hassle or trouble.

While it’s important to choose the right colours, pick the right paint and use good-quality primers, brushes and rollers for the painting job, it’s crucial that the right preparation steps be followed before you start on any actual painting work. The experts at Attentive Painting & Decorating have put together a list of steps to follow while painting any room in your house:

  1. Clear the entire room of all the décor, furnishing, electrical outlet covers, light fittings and fixtures as well as the curtains and other embellishments.
  2. If there are things like very heavy or unwieldy furniture that can’t be removed, those should be shifted to the centre of the room and covered with plastic sheets to prevent it from getting splattered with paint.
  3. Clean the room thoroughly and make sure there are no traces of dust, cobwebs or debris anywhere.
  4. Line the edges of the room’s floor with paper.
  5. Fill in all small dents, hairline cracks, nail holes or any other small fissures etc. with good quality lightweight spackle.
  6. Wipe and clean the surfaces and walls that are to be painted.
  7. Prime the walls using a suitable, good quality primer
  8. Cut in about 1” from the baseboard and the ceiling with a matching colour
  9. Tape off all the woodwork, light switches, wooden features and adjacent walls, etc. with painter’s masking tape to protect them from splatters and damage.

We at Attentive Painting & Decorating are a very reputed and experienced company that provides customised painting services for residential and commercial properties at very reasonable pricing. For a free consultation and quote, please call us on 07 3886 4533 or write to us via this online form.

Benefits of Painting Your Home

Every homeowner makes efforts to keep their property neat and clean and they spend hours on weekends maintaining various features and of their home, or else hire professionals for the job. Many people also get their home renovated or upgrade certain features in their home. The objective is to ensure their home is pleasant and comfortable to live in and that it looks attractive too. But it isn’t always possible to carry out extensive remodelling or renovation and it isn’t always necessary either.

One of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of your property, with the least amount of trouble is to get it painted from professionals like the ones at Attentive Painting & Decorating. We are the experts that can provide interior and Exterior painting solutions. We have the experience and expertise to handle all types of painting jobs and can also provide excellent, customised solutions that fit perfectly into your budget.

We know what it takes to handle these jobs and have excellent, experienced painters on board a will complete the job efficiently and professionally. There are a number of benefits to getting your home painted by us:

  • The exterior walls of your house are exposed to the elements and see a significant amount of wear and tear daily. This is why we always use weather-resistant, exterior paint in our work .These advanced paints are dust and fade-resistant and UV –resistant too. This means they reflect the UV rays of the sun which helps improve the energy-efficiency of your home.
  • The indoor walls of your home become the backdrop for all the other elements there. This means, regardless of how attractive and well maintained all the other features are, if the walls look drab and dull, that will impact the overall appearance of your home. However, if you make sure that the indoor walls are well painted, that helps lift the look of all the rooms and features in them.
  • Walls that have a good coat of paint also don’t get as impacted by moisture and heat as walls that  don’t have  very good paint.  This helps improve the indoor air  quality in your  home
  • A well painted home will also bring in a higher resale price than one that hasn’t been painted in a long time. So even if you are planning to sell sometime in the near future, painting your home will provide you good ROI.

We are the expert Residential Painting  professionals that can provide you the type of solutions you need and at very reasonable pricing. We can handle projects of any scale and complexity and provide guarantees for our work. This means you can rest assured that we will do the work right the first time around.

For any  more information about  our services, please call  Attentive Painting & Decorating on this number -07 3886 4533 and tell us more about your project. You can also send us your queries via this online form . Check out testimonials from our customers on this page.

Types Of Painting Jobs A Residential Painting Contractor Can Handle

Every homeowner likes to ensure that the indoor and outdoor spaces of their property look great at all times. This is why they maintain them well, get the landscaping spruced-up and ensure that all the indoor features and spaces are kept upgraded and clean. But there are times when property owners look for a change and feel they need to alter the look of their home is a more significant way. Read More»

Cutting the Corners

While managing the painting process, it is a great idea to take special notice of the corners, especially for the ceilings, walls, window frames and door frames. Use the paintbrush to fill with paint in the corners using the edge of the paintbrush to define the cut. Though this may seem simple, there are practical limitations to the new painters. They simply would find it hard to define the corners and the painting would be shabby and untidy. Such aspects require the skills of experience painters. Read More»

Prepare the Paint

If you are still inclined to do some painting inside or outside your residence or small office room, here is another step. Pour out the quantity of paint that you require into a small bucket, stir the paint. Dip a roller brush and apply the paint on the wall. The process is most useful in providing uniform colour on the wall. This technique can be used even if you are painting for the first time such as an exterior wall or an old room. Read More»

Prepare Walls and Trims

Though painting may seem simple, it can be a tedious process. First of all, it is important to remove all the furniture showpieces and collectibles especially if they are expensive. Then clean the walls, fill the cracks in the walls, scrape off peeling paint on the wall and smoothing bumps if any on the wall using sandpaper. When the wall is dry, apply primer on the surface area and start painting coats of attractive shades. Read More»

Choose Your Paints Creatively

While painting is an art, choosing your paints leaves the task half done. Wield your imagination, use plenty of creativity and select the paints of your choice. While interiors are turned strikingly beautiful with subtle shades, residents can choose brighter or loud colours for their exteriors. There are plenty of stunning new shades available to paint your homes or commercial outlets beautiful. Now become the envy of your neighbours with immaculately painted and renovated homes. Read More»