Hire A Painter

When You Need A Painter For Your Home

Homes look good when they are painted well and a good paint is just not the quality and color but also the dedication of the painter. If you want to hire a painter for a day feel free to call us at Attentive Painting and Decorating. We will make sure you get the best painter to do some touch-ups in your home so that you will not be charged the usual prices but only for the work done. We would love to serve you and this is because we make our commitment to the society, our top priority rather than our personal benefits. You need to pay only for the time we work and if you just have a door to be painted we will do that and give you tips about the maintenance of your walls so that paints stay longer and fresher. Most of the time, you will be charged extra for the little works you have and you end up doing it yourself to save the money giving your home a shabby look with the newly painted walls and doors. When you hire a professional painter, the job is done with excellent finesse and quality. This is why we recommend ourselves for every painting need of yours.

Hire a Painter in Brisbane

Get The Top Quality Paints For Your Homes

A painter can make your walls look magnificent, besides protecting your walls from the harsh climate; they give you an artistic appeal and look inviting. Have a house party with your friends as you celebrate your new home. But this time do it with more color added to your life as on the walls too. For all your painting needs you can call us for a free quote or on our toll free number so that we can lend you a helping hand. The paint you use energizes you and imparts that special care for your walls. We are ready to assist you and turn every moment of your association with us into a memorable point in your life. Our friendly painters are well trained to take utmost care of all furniture and belongings so that nothing is disturbed while we work in your home. We take care of the following matters before we take up each home to paint

  • We never charge extra
  • No hidden charges and costs
  • We charge for the work done
  • Fixed charges for all the homes, according to the floor area
  • We complete the work in stipulated time
  • Ours is a family run business and we do not subcontract
  • We do both residential and commercial works

Our Choice Is Your Trust

We choose to work to gain your trust. We have painters who are ready to help you with any work of any size. No wonder we are sought after by most residents of Brisbane suburbs. We are ready to be with you from the start to end of the project so that we know how much you like our services. Our services are not limited to painting the walls. We give you a warranty and if your walls show signs of decay in the period, we give you free service and touch ups. Trust us with your home today and know that there are people who care for your homes. We are waiting, so why delay it.