Preparation Before Painting Interiors

A number of homeowners prefer to embark on some DIY home improvement and upgrade projects on their property.  Painting isn’t a very difficult job if you plan it well, choose the right colour paints, primers and tools, follow proper techniques and complete the work methodically for a perfect finish. We at Attentive Painting & Decorating have outlined some that you can follow while painting rooms in your house:

  1. Clear the space room of all the curtains, furnishing, light fittings, electrical outlet covers, and other fixtures and features.
  2. Move all the large and bulky furniture to the centre of the room if you find it difficult to move it out of the room entirely; cover them with plastic sheets as this helps prevent it from getting splattered with any paint.
  3. Clean the space in a detailed manner and ensure there are no cobwebs, dust or any debris lying around.
  4. Wipe and clean all the walls and other surfaces that you plan to paint.
  5. Line the room’s floor’s edges with paper.
  6. Fill all small dents, tiny fissures, nail holes or any cracks with lightweight spackle.
  7. Prime all the wall surfaces using a suitable primer; you can get some advice from the hardware store as to which primer will be best-suited for the paint you are using.
  8. Tape off all light switches, timber features and the adjacent walls, etc. using masking tape to protect them from getting splattered with paint or damaged.
  9. Once you have completed all these steps your room will be ready for painting and finishing.

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