Professional Painting vs. DIY Painting

The internet and quick access to information, home improvements tips and carpentry, plumbing and painting tutorials and videos has encouraged people to start on DIY projects in their home. Today, there are a number of ready paints and related products that are ideal for DIYers and there are numerous benefits to painting your own home such as:

  • The cost of the overall painting project reduces to great extent because you save on labour costs.
  • If you have some unique ideas about how the way you want the finish and texture of your wall to be, you have creative control when you choose to handle the paint job yourself, rather than explain what you need to a painter.
  • You have the flexibility to the work at your pace and when you have the time on weekends rather than taking time off from work and supervising the work when the painters are working in your house.

Why hire professional paints like Attentive Painting & Decorating?

While there are many benefits to DIY painting, there are some distinct benefits to getting the job done from professionals:

  • You get expert advice on the latest trends and materials and finishes and you can make a more concerted decision about the type of paint you want.
  • They have the expertise and experience to paint all types of surfaces.
  • The job will be completed within a specific timeframe and in a methodical manner.
  • The best materials & workmanship will be used and this means you are assured of stunning home interiors.
  • They will ensure that lead-free, non-toxic paints are used and that the job is completed safely; without any damage to your property or impact to your family’s health.

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