Level 5 Finish Painter

How to Begin with Level 5 Finish Painting

Level 5 is the best finish that you can apply to the drywall. It equalises porosity so that the paint is absorbed equally, smoothly and uniformly. There are 2 methods for achieving the level 5 finish. These are:   level 5 painter
But firstly you need to prepare to a Level 4 Finish. First of all ensure that the walls have no imperfections and tool marks. Apply 3 coats of compound on all fasteners, tape and bead. To achieve a Level 5 finish with skin coat, start by mixing all-purpose conventional compound with water until the consistency is similar to heavy pancake batter. Roll the mixture over the wall ensuring that the roller on the wall ensuring that the roller is well covered so that there are no dry spots. Next, take most of the mud off with your knife, the goal is to leave a thin film that equalise porosity and retain a thin film. Be sure not to cover too much of area at any time so that it does not dry before you can run the knife over it. As the mud dries, it will become more opaque, leaving a nice consistent finish over the wall. Even the wall will feel dry within few hours, it is essential to leave it for drying overnight. Then give it a light sanding before priming then painting. The skim coat technique is conventional option to avail Level 5 finish Painter. It is also time-consuming. It is usually used for smaller application tasks. While it is completed using ready mix, it tends to leave a softer and durable surface. It is also the porous of the Skin, coat application than Spray applied primer surface.

Spray Applied Application

For large application Spray application of primer surface is suitable. It is a smart option because once the sprayer is triggered, it is fast and easy to cover a large area. This results in a better finish that is durable and the smooth finish portrays high quality without the application of additional primer. To apply primer by air sprayer start by covering all windows and trims that should not be sprayed, then use a mask, respirator, gloves and safety goggles, hold the sprayer perpendicular to the surface at least 18 inches away from the wall. Start the trigger and hold the gun and move it steadily. Pull the trigger as the gun is moving. Move the gun parallel to the surface, while the gun is moving release the gun as you approach at the end of the target surface and this avoids unnecessary accumulation in this spot. For the initial coat spray from left to right. The application should be 18 to 20 mm thick. The surface should be dry in 60 to 90 minutes, but leave it to dry overnight. The tools should be used carefully based on the manufacturers instruction. The spray application requires practice and professional sprayer equipment. It is faster, durable and ensures smooth finish. The Level 5 finish is usually essential in administrative and educational institutions. It can be used for spraying metallic paints. It is ideal for cathedral ceilings, 2 storey buildings. For skim coat SheenRock compounds provide high Level 5finish.

Merits of Level 5 Finish Painting:

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