Preparation Before Painting Interiors

Many homeowners like to carry out DIY painting projects on their property and if you go about it methodically, you would be able to complete the work efficiently and in a timely manner without too much hassle or trouble.

While it’s important to choose the right colours, pick the right paint and use good-quality primers, brushes and rollers for the painting job, it’s crucial that the right preparation steps be followed before you start on any actual painting work. The experts at Attentive Painting & Decorating have put together a list of steps to follow while house painting any room in your house:

  • Clear the entire room of all the décor, furnishing, electrical outlet covers, light fittings and fixtures as well as the curtains and other embellishments.
  • If there are things like very heavy or unwieldy furniture that can’t be removed, those should be shifted to the centre of the room and covered with plastic sheets to prevent it from getting splattered with paint.
  • Clean the room thoroughly and make sure there are no traces of dust, cobwebs or debris anywhere.
  • Line the edges of the room’s floor with paper.
  • Fill in all small dents, hairline cracks, nail holes or any other small fissures etc. with good quality lightweight spackle.
  • Wipe and clean the surfaces and walls that are to be painted.
  • Prime the walls using a suitable, good-quality primer
  • Cut in about 1” from the baseboard and the ceiling with a matching colour
  • Tape off all the woodwork, light switches, wooden features and adjacent walls, etc. with painter's masking tape to protect them from splatters and damage.

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