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With more and more business-owners choosing to hire commercial painters in Brisbane, the demand for them has increased a lot. But that should not make you hire the first firm you can find. Find someone licensed, insured and experienced. With us at Attentive Painting & Decorating, choosing us as your commercial painters in Brisbane is not only going to ensure that your business premises gets a new paint job, but also that it increases its sale value.

Improve how your business looks to others

It may not seem so, but having good-looking premises is an important marketing tactic of any commercial establishment. Whether you have staff working at your business or have customers coming in, everyone is going to appreciate if the premises look good. And an inexpensive way to make that happen is to give it a new paint job. With us as your commercial painters, you can be assured that our workmanship will be excellent. Since we use only high-quality premium brands like Dulux, the end results will certainly look warm and inviting. If you are having difficulty in colour-matching or choosing a particular colour, we can help too. As commercial painters, we have helped scores of businesses in Brisbane and Queensland achieve a new look which has caused their sale values to increase.

Is hiring us as your commercial painters a good idea?

Of course it is! As a family-owned firm, we don't subcontract any of the jobs we are entrusted with. We take personalised care because we are the painters ourselves. We are a husband-and-wife team and we are stable professionals who own their own property. We understand how important it is that your business looks appealing and we do our best to make sure that we can achieve your goals in the most satisfactory way possible. As members of the Master Painters Association Queensland, we are respected, trusted and licensed members of the profession. We offer you a quotation based on the job you want to get done and you will find that we are an affordable firm.

Commercial painting is a job that is best left to the professionals

A lot of people try to paint their homes themselves and even if some of them emerge successful, it is just not a good thing to do if you are thinking of painting your business premises. No matter how big or small, your business needs to project a certain image and a shoddy and amateurish painting job will kill that effect. Instead, choose us as your commercial painters and enjoy the kind of workmanship we do. You will find us to be courteous, friendly and honest professionals. We will work around your schedule so that your business does not suffer from any down-time.

So if you are looking for commercial painters in Brisbane or Queensland who are true professionals, call us at Attentive Painting & Decorating at our phone (07) 3886 4533 today. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

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