Queenslander Maintenance

Queenslander properties have a very unique architecture. These sprawling houses date way back to the colonial era and are largely made of wood and iron. They are stunning buildings are typically built at a height from the ground and stand on a stilt-like structure. They have vast porches and verandas and are heritage structures that can’t be altered in any way.

Things to keep in view

While these properties are definitely an attraction point for some home and commercial property buyers, there can be certain drawbacks to purchasing a Queenslander property; maintenance being the biggest concern. Here are some pointers from the experts at Attentive Painting & Decorating  that will help you maintain your unique property in the right manner:

  • If you notice any flaking paint, do not defer attending to the problem. A delay will only cause the paint to peel off further and impact the look of the features.
  • When you are painting any portion of a Queenslander property, ensure you don’t directly add a coat of paint to the existing one. The older coat of paint would have to be carefully removed with a special paint thinner, after which you’d have to sand and prepare the surface before giving it a fresh coat of paint.
  • As part of the maintenance regimen, check all the walls and other features for the presence of mould as this can affect the timber underneath permanently.   You only need a couple of hours ... Aside from this, the mould spores will spread in the indoor spaces and pose a health risk.
  • We paint your air conditioner as well with spray paint is a quick, fast and economical way to renew it.

As you can see, maintaining a Queenslander property is no child’s play. The mould can build up, and flaky paint on walls or rust on the iron features etc. can cause your property to deteriorate. The best way to avoid all this and maintain the aesthetics and integrity of your property is to hire professionals like the ones at Attentive Painting & Decorating for the job.  We provide customised Queenslander Maintenance services at very reasonable pricing. For a free consultation and quote, please call us on (07) 3886 4533 or write to us via this online form.

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