Strata Painters

Strata Painting that Speaks for Itself

Strata painting can often be a tedious task with the scaffolding options that cause inconvenience and cost associated with strata repairs and maintenance for residents. This brings the need for efficient strata painters who can identify the situation correctly and do the painting the way you like it to be done. If you are a strata manager and you require it to be done in the best possible way so that you do not have to redo it, come to Attentive painting and decorating. If the work is not up to the mark, it is very expensive to have it redone. So our painters put in all the attention to the detailing and we give our hundred percent while delivering a work. We have an eye for your concern as a strata manager or owner and being in business for the past few years, we deliver high quality works with experienced strata painters.


Strata Painting Cost Effectively and Efficiently

We take care of the most difficult access, concrete spalling, protective and texture coating including a painting of high rise buildings among others. The most efficient works carried out by us are those which you always classify as the more difficult ones. Our painters know how to deal with every situation that arises in the painting process. Working with strata projects for over the years give us hands on experience in all possible situations that may arise during the painting. This helps us deal with projects across the suburbs of Brisbane. Some of our highlights are:

  • Trusted partners in many projects
  • Australian standards and quality certifications
  • Attention to detailing
  • Experienced professional painters
  • Family run business
  • Exceptional quality of products used
  • Professional approach to every situation
  • Masterpiece end products
  • Satisfied clients guarantee the quality of work
  • No extra charges or hidden costs
  • Member of Master Painters Australia

Choice of Over Thousands of Strata Managers

This is not just a fun fact, but the services of Attentive Painting and Decorating is sought after again and again by satisfied clients across Brisbane. We maintain a high standard of professionalism for the works we take up. Whatever be your need, we are always within reach for the entire day. You can call us at our emergency number and let us know your need whenever you feel like. Get a free quote by ringing up today. We do not subcontract our work and make sure we reach you personally. Our courteous and friendly approach helps us deliver the work to a happy client who is sure to have his pocket jingling with a few extra pennies that can be saved by our very cost effective works.

We are there where you need us

Need us to paint all of your home or apartment? We are ready to give our professional touch to transform your interiors and exteriors into the magical wonder world you want to create for yourself. We create what you dream of. The most important of all is to trust your painter. Since we know every nook and corner of your home, we will surely look into the most efficient way to cover your building with the best products in hand. Ours is a client service focussed on delivering high-quality end products to clients all over Brisbane so that you will never ever regret having hired us.