The Specialised Techniques Used In painting Queenslander Properties

Queenslander properties are special and have a unique architecture. They are also largely made of timber and are typically sprawling houses with expansive verandas and porches. They also have more detailing than modern day structures and some of these houses may have iron elements in their structure too. These heritage properties need to be maintained well. When the exterior and interior painting is done well, it ensures that the wood surfaces get the protection they need.

Many of these properties are painted in a single colour and that creates a very flat effect and takes away from their architectural beauty.  If you own Queenslander properties, and are considering getting your home or commercial space painted, you would need the services of expert and experienced painters. We at Attentive Painting & Decorating are a leading company in this industry and have handled scores of projects for both, commercial and residential customers.

We know what it takes to ensure that your Queenslander property is painted to perfection. What is even more important is that our colour consultants will work closely with you to understand what kind of colour themes work perfectly for you. They will provide advice on which combinations work well and this helps give your property a very unique and attractive look.

The interior and exterior work process

  • The type of paint used in the work and the painting process used also play a very important role in the way your property looks.
  • Care will be taken to ensure that all the existing paint is carefully removed from all the surfaces.
  • If the flaking or peeling paint isn’t removed completely, that can impact the overall finish of the paint job.
  • Imperfections (if any)in the weatherboards, will be restored, sanded.
  • The rest of the surfaces will be sanded well and them the special primer will be applied.
  • Once that has dried off completely, the painting work will begin. Each coat of paint will be applied with care and every niche and crevice of the structure will be carefully painted.
  • This kind of meticulous work and attention to detail ensures the timber and iron surfaces stay protected from the weather and any climatic changes. Non-lead paint will be used in the work.
  • Exterior paint will be used on the outer surfaces of the structure; many of the new and advanced exterior paints are UV-resistant and dust-resistant and this helps prevent deterioration of the features.

Since Queenslander Properties have more detailing than any standard homes, they sometimes pose challenges. Only an experienced company like ours would be able to and address all these special requirements and provide customised solutions based on the features and materials that have been used in the construction.

We at Attentive Painting & Decorating are a very well-established company that provides customised painting services at very reasonable pricing. For a free consultation and quote, please call us at this number- (07) 3886 4533 or write to us via this online form .


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