Types of Residential Painting Services an Experienced Company Provides

When you are considering getting your home painted, you want to be sure that the company you hire should be able to provide good services at cost-effective pricing. There are a number of different features and elements that may need painting on a residential property.

Different types of residential painting services

When you are looking for Residential Painting contractors, you need to make sure they have the skill, experience and resources to handle all types of painting jobs such as:

  • Exterior and interior acrylic painting- There are a number of benefits to using acrylic paint. This is because the acrylics easily adhere to different types of surfaces and so you only need one type of paint for different areas in your home. These paints are very flexible and they contract and expand with the surfaces they have been applied on. They are also breathable and allow all the excess moisture to escape which prevents blistering.
  • Exterior and interior oil-based paint- These paints have certain distinct advantages; they are thicker and fewer coats are required to achieve the same effect. They are also smoother which improves the aesthetics of the surfaces they are applied on. Oil-based paints also shrink far less than various other types of paints, and they take much longer to dry; this gives you plenty of time to ensure that all the unevenness is smoothened out without having to hurry too much. These paints are highly durable and work very well in high-traffic areas.
  • Texture coating- Many people like to create unique wall finishes in their home and the one way to do that is by using wall textures. These can be applied with a trowel, roller or brush. Some of the textures that can be created are faux suede finish, slap brush texture, mud trowel and more.
  • Rendering and plastering- Skilled residential painters also provide a very wide variety of rendering and plastering services. These are required when the condition of the walls is poor and the surfaces have to be finished before any kind of painting work is carried out on them.
  • Special finishing- Creating attractive indoor spaces is a lot about using finishes that are distinctive in the way they look and this is where special finishes come in. Colour washes such as marbling, sponging, metallic and various cement-based finishes can be used to create stunning effects in the interior spaces of your property.

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