Why Should I Get My Queenslander Properties Painted?

If you are the owner of any Queenslander properties, you know exactly how stunning they are. But you also know how challenging it is to maintain them. These timber structures have stood the test of time, but they do need regular maintenance and Exterior painting. These structures typically stand high above the ground on stumps and they have iron roofing that is generally steep-pitched. They have very wide and long verandas with posts and elaborate balustrades, which lend a very unique appearance to the structure.

Since these properties have so many distinctive features, you have to ensure that each of these gets treated in the right manner.  If you own Queenslander properties, the one way to ensure that all the exposed surfaces of the structure get the right amount of protection from the weather, is to hire the services of expert Painting contractors that have experience in painting these features. They will know exactly which paints and finishes should be used to paint the metal feature and which finishes would be suitable for the wooden surfaces.

The right paint finishes

Even if you have taken care to paint all the surfaces carefully, over time you will find that the paint starts to peel and flake and before long your beautiful and stunning property starts to look old and worn out. The architecture of your Queenslander properties is truly unique and they are essentially national heritage structures. Even though very hardy materials are used in their construction, you want to be assured that they get a good amount of protection from the harsh Australian weather.

If you hire an inexperienced Residential Painting contractor for the job, they may do more harm than good to the structure. This is why it’s important to hire a well-established and experienced contractor for the job. Attentive Painters is company that has been providing outstanding, customised painting services to residential and commercial customers across the region for a number of years now. We have the expertise to paint these structures in the best possible way and this helps ensure that the integrity of the surfaces is maintained for a number of years.

Queenslander properties- the painting process

On board our team are highly skilled and experienced painting contractors; we adopt a specialised approach to handling this painting job:

  • We will first survey the entire property and make note of the various materials and elements used in the structure
  • Our experts will take the condition of the structure and its paint into account
  • You will then be provided with a detailed quote for the job
  • Once you approve the quote our experts will start the work as scheduled
  • All the old paint will first be carefully removed. We don’t just paint over the existing finish as that impacts the look and appeal of the structure
  • We will then sand and restore all the surfaces and then carefully and meticulously paint them all

For expert Queenslander properties’ painting, simply call Attentive Painting & Decorating at this number- (07) 3886 4533. You can also send us your queries using this online form . Check our testimonials for what our customers are saying about us.

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