How to Choose the Right Commercial Painter

It’s why many people look online for companies that provide these services. But, in addition to the cost, there are a number of other aspects you need to keep in view while choosing a commercial painter. Here are some tips from the experts at Attentive Painting & Decorating :

  1. References

Once you have identified a few companies that provide commercial painting services call them and ask them for references. A credible and well-established company will always be more than willing to provide these. You can call some of these previous clients to get some first-hand feedback about the services the company provides. 

  1. Licensed and insured

The company should have the necessary licensing and insurance. You can find this information on their website or can call and get this information from them. An accredited company will always complete their projects to industry standards and will carry out the work safely and efficiently.

  1. Upfront pricing

It’s important that quotes and proposals from the commercial painting company be transparent and upfront. That means there should be no hidden charges. Check the quotes provided thoroughly and identify whether there are any possible mistakes in the quotation. This helps avoid any problems later. If you opt for an established commercial painting company, you’ll get a quote that is clear and without any ambiguity.

  1. Relevant experience

This is an important aspect that many people overlook. Commercial painting is much more than just a basic office painting job. Fulfilling the requirements of large-scale painting projects in settings such as factories, warehouses, high rise office buildings and strata properties requires utilisation of advanced machinery and equipment, and complex painting techniques. Therefore, the company that you zero-in on should have professionals with the relevant experience in executing jobs similar to what you require.

  1. Flexible work schedules

Offices and other commercial spaces are very busy settings and commercial painters need to be flexible enough to accommodate their client’s requests for flexible scheduling. The professional painters should be willing to work after hours and on weekends or holidays and ensure the work is completed with the least amount of disturbance to the workings on the property.

Make sure that the company provides guarantees for its work; this is an indication that they will focus on doing the work right the first time around. Their work should be neat and tidy, especially when you have customers to serve. The appearance of your commercial painting professionals also reflects on your business when any customers are passing by.

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